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president pigned a law today banning americans ffom adopting toddler died from beinggllft in a hot car in virgiiia by his adoptive parentss but americanssbelieve the ban is in response to a law signed by president obama thissmonth that calls for sanctions against russian human rights vvooators. 3&"i think this lawwis absolutely outrageous, amoral and despicable this is a laww thattpunishhs russian children for 230 million dollars stolen by russian bureaucraas." bureaucrats." &p dozens of russian stages of he adoption al - process. the u-s that these cases go through...butt ith the law going into effect january 1-st happen. snow on the way way here's emily ggacey with hhr skywatch forecast. &p and bannnng candd.why onn city think its best for the children. well common 3 well common sense says ttis is one dentist who around kids again. melvin ehrlich...a pediaaric being charged with 3 countt off possessing child porn and 2 counts oo istriiution after hh took his computerrinto a repaired. one of - the employees at the computer shop founddthe p
the russian president signed a law today banning americans from adopting russian children...after a in a hht car in virginia by his adoptive pprents. buttamericans belleve the ban is in response to a law igged byypresident obama this mnth that calls for sanctions agaiist russian human riihts violators. 3 "i think thii law is absolutely outrageous, amoral and despicablee this is a law that punishes russian children forr230 million dollars stolen by russian bureaucrats." bureaucrats." dozens of pussian childrrn aae in he finaa stages of the doptionn process. the u-s & that thess cases go throuuh...but wwtt the law going inno effect january 1-st iis not clear what will -3 happenn 3 wiih christmas over ....... its timeeto throw out your christmas trees. pbut one rhode island petting zooohas a better alltrnative than jjst throwing them in the trash. - 3 their actually using them as lunch. christtas tree from around -3town for their animals to eat. -3& the far
.the law goes a recall today... involving a popular baby reclinnr. amazon-dot-com... bby uy baby... and toys r us are reealling 150-thousand "nap nanny recliners"... after reports of 5 eaths linked to the devicc.theee have also hanging or falllng out of the nap nanny... evvn when the harness is sed. ccstomers are encouraged to contact the ssores about a possible refund. coming uppon the eerly edition... the ravees make the playoffss.. ffr the fifth straight year. year.sam andelman "i think that people are starting to get excited again." again."the local business &pthat's thankful the teem brok a three-game osing streak. 3 ((break 1)) the new year's eve ball has been installed at timms square... and prrparations are unddeway for the big night.the ball... which has 288 crystal 141-foot-tall flagpole... to usher in the new year. the crystal panees havee oves phiseled into them... for the billion people across the world are expected to watch the ball drop on t-v. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad libbmeteorologist)) 3 ((traffic repooter ad libs)) mmp 40 liberty map 3 kurr kronke 3
faceeook pagee..."absolutely not. pot.and jackie writes....."self preservation is the ffrst law of nature." nature."so farraamostteveryone - responndng says the delivery pan did not deserve to be demoted. go to fox-baltimore dot om and tell us whha yyu think. pou can also sounddoff thhouuh ffcebook. send us a tweet.. attfoxbbltimore. and you can text our answer to 45203. enter fox45a forryes.. or fox45b foo nn. 3 &p3&pp baby &precliners... recalled. theeddnger these ittms can cause to infantss 3 old fashiooed lightbulbs... gone from sttre will disappear on new year's eve..- p3 3 --adblib weather tt-- 3 3 3 take a look... at this... major mudslide... in... everett,, wassington...//.. so... much dirt... fell on these it -3 caused... a derailment../. dozens of slides... likk this... have buried tracks... between seattle ann everett,, pashington..../ the route... has been ...and... on't reopee... 3 3 &p3 3 earliest. p3 3 3& eware all you dieters.
---year old law... will go back into effect,.../ causing... milk prices... to soar. 3 pne man s taking the nattonal debt on one empty can at a time. time. 85 year old garcia the debtt he colleccs soda cans then turnn them in for the deposit. over the past & ttree yyars he's colllcted more than 31 hundred dollars which he's sent to uncle sam. 3 &p3 ww're paying absolutely too iiterest. (reporter: it really - pothers you!) it bothers me because ii makes no sensee 3 garcia's money goes here, 3 parkersbbur, west virginia. it waa established by - preeident kennedy for people 3 control he debt. the bureau has collected about 90 million dollaas since it was first opened. 3 3 scientists ... - are... ow looking... iito the d-n--... of the man... behind the... sandy hook elementary school... massaare... / for... clues... as to what... a... &p"first-of-itt-kknd"... study... //// doctors... are... testing... adam lanza's... d-n-a...
-m tuesday... less than 24 hours from now... the new law goes into effect. ceremonies are scheduled to take place at city hall... in the newwyear.siice deceeber 6th... same-sex couples in maryland have beee abbe to get &pmarriage licenses... but thos &plicenses o not officially take effect until tommrrow. there's a shorttge of county.aacording to the e's -3 wassington post"... 100perceet of the county's schools don't have a permanent, ull-timm nurse.the supervisor of the health services office says it's all because oo retirement and hiiher-paying jobs. recently... about 0 school purses have een a systemmmight ask nurses at one school o treet students at 3pother schools. some maryland residents hit hard by supersttrm sandy.. re &pcountt hh exxerienced set significant amage will be eligible for food stamps because of the disaster. &p the programmprovidee one month of benefits. sttrm victims can apply from january 7 through 13th at the county department of social services and the disaster recovery center in crisfiild. phrases making the annual - list... offwords to be ban
.../ ecember 144h. after... debatt... about gun laws... have been... on... the rise... nationwwie..../ here... inn maryland delegaaee ...has plans to ffx it. tooay... elegate ...pat mcdonough ...hhldda conference... introducinn... 3 bills... on... gun violence...//. one... is... the gun owner... privacy act,.../ criminal ... gun control act..../ and... the... capittl punishment... for... mass murddrs actt...// is... also ... - pushing... for... stricter arole... for... violators. baltimore city are done by - people who are on parole with pgns so what my billldoes its ssys that if you commit a crime with a gunnand youugo to jail yyu can't have parole you circumstances." rly under any - the next 3anuary ninth.ssion begins on - breaking news ffom morgan state university.the school's itsslf and voted to renew the contract of univvrsity earlier this month the board &pwiison'' contract.but after proteess from students and hold a mmeting today to get &pone student had to say before today's meeting. 33:11"we ealll just want answers, we want to find out why. we as a tu
.m...... same sex marriige will become legallin m. maryland.also taking effect.... a nee law to protect children from identity at any time. time.veterans will now be able have their veteran status showw on thhir driver's license. liiense.aad another measure bans arseniccin chicken feed po help keep toxins ut of the chesapeake bay. a last minuteedeea is in progress to avert tax hikes and spenddng cuts sse to goointt efffct midnight. butit ddesn't appear time. while tteres pebate over whetter to delay automatic domestic and military spendiiggcuts.....the vice preisdent and top agreed to keep taxxs from goinn up on couples making less than 450-ttousand a year. there'' also an extension on unemmloymmnt raise in the eetate tax rate. "we will continue to work on smarter waas to cut spending but ets not let that hold up hike that will ake place in 10 hours." hours." but in order poo thii to be pproved pemocrrts will have to give in on tax hikes and republicans cuts. ompromise on spending here in maryland...tte owwerof several estaurant is neevously pwaainn word from washingtonon
will be forced tt buu vast quuntities of milk under a trummnnera law. that could send as 6 to 8 dollars ggllon... because the government would the wholeeale rate... under a pre-filed bill in the general assembly... is looking to make soft-shell crab... the official maryyand sannwicc.the senator richard colburn... an eastern shore 2008... lawmakers passed llgislatiin tt make smith islann cake... a &pmulti-layered cake... the throw awaa the locks.... now the doorr will remain open all the timm at maryland casinos. so how uch more money will it the state? ptate? oel d. smith is see what the casino is expecting. joel, how busy is it? 3 3 3 the new year's eve ball haa been installed at times square... and preparaaions aae uuderway foo the big night.the ball... which has 288 crystal panels... will drop downna 141-foot-tall flaggole... to usser in the new year. the theme "let thhre be peace."" billion people across the world arr expected to watch britney pears issgetting the boot from the "x factor."an insider tells us magazine"... the ssnger didn't sho
in maine approved sames sexxunions in november. &p he law too pffect ooer the weekend. heevy security planned tonight at the inner harror as 20133 crime anddjustice reporter jjy lepola streaming live protect those downnown as well asscity resiients. ((joy)) abllb 3 ((pkg)) s the stage is set to rrng in 2013police are already in place. from the ground and froomthe air. 6:45:56 theee's gonna be cops everywhere we're gonna be on correes were gonna be walking foot were gonnn be driving around in cars :00 with paarol cars... crrising through city ceeebatory gunfire from erupting.... new tactics ... tested out over the summer... are again being rolled out.a perimetee around theeharbor... for crowd contrrl is just one of those tacttcs.66:4:110and scruttny over exit and entry points it also allows for post event traffic on pratt street real issue :21((nattpop)) phey're expecting tens of thousands offpeoole to be here evening thereeareealso cameras that will e keeping a close eye on any potential trouble oot of the six hunnred &pcitywidde.. one hundred are specifically foc
laws &pin the wake of hh connectiiut school mmssacre. following fridays news conference tte n-r-a now says ...they will not infringe on second amendmmnt rightt ... peter doocy... has thh washington. 3 doocy intro: putting police and armed security in schools. is the one thing. thht wiil keep people safe. accooding to national rifle associatton c-e-o wayne lapierre. who arggeddtoday that you pannot legislate orality. because. he says. leggslatioo only works on thee sane. and doosn't stop criminall. forrer republican congressmaa asa huuchinson is leading he n-r-a's effort to convince congress armed guards at american schools arr a good idea . and aid this orring it would be similar to the way the government proteccs air travelers from terrorists. hutchinson ays: "there was intense debate thatton and yet we have a ffderal air to oversee, and which haa provided a deteerent. it has airlines, nd ii's not like -it's an armed camp when yoo ggo & on the airlinees" virginia democratic senator mark warner has an ááa
law... helps parents better protecc thier children from idenity theft... it allows them to freeze theirrchild's credit at any time. and... same-sex couples in maryland are countinn down the &phhurs... until thhir marriage become official. at 12:01 a-m tuusday... less than 24 hours from now... the new lw goos into effect.ceremonies city hall... shortly aftee party-goers ring ii te new year.since december 6th... have been able to gt marriage licennes... but those licenses &pdd not officially take effect until tomorrow. the nnw year... means a pay boost for hundreds of thousands f miiimum-wagg workers.according to the non-profit advocacy group "the national employmenn laww project".... rhode island workers will see the biggest average of 5-hundred-10 - worker. states musttpay at age least the same as the federal minimum wage... hicc has been set aa 7-dolllrs and 25 cents an hour since 2009. in 2013... 19 states and the district f columbia willlhave rates above thh feeeral levvl. today's the lass day to put your name on the is the deadline to submit entries to a c
gun control or changes to our mental health laws an access to mental health, whether violence in the media? senator. >> well, i believe we are going to certainly try. now, let me respond about the murder rate. over 9,000 people are killed with guns a year. where there aren't guns, there isn't that murder rate. 9,000 people. that is a lot of people. secondly, i think we have come to a point where these mass murders, the grievance killers that go out there, that get the most sophisticated weapon they can possibly get their hands on and then go into movie theatres, malls, offices, businesses, and schools, and mow down people, you have to have some appropriate controls on these weapons. w, he may feel safer because he has an ar-15. i don't know, that is up to him. he would not be affected by this. but i think having a system where these very powerful weapons, as a matter of fact, the bushmaster has a fly you can put on it to make it fully automatic. and just pump out slews of bullets. and gives -- >> i want to give senator graham an opportunity the respond briefly and then i want
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13